Welcome to Your GPS Trail Source

A few years ago I discovered GPS receivers for bicycle touring. During that time, I have mapped out, traveled, and collected from numerous sources bicycle and mountain biking tours across the US. Unfortunately, finding reliable GPS information for touring is a hit or miss proposition. Either you need to have extremely detailed maps with relevant information or to obtain tracking information from adventurers who have traveled the routes. But the problem remains with contacting the right people with the GPS data.

This site is dedicated to categorizing GPS data for every bicycle, mountain biking, and hiking trail that I can find in North America and Europe and to share it with anyone who wants to experience the adventures.

  • The GPS features that you will need for outdoor expeditions differ from what you will find on most typical car navigation GPS receivers. And how you map out your route and transfer the data can make or break your trip. So if you want to discover how GPS receivers work and how to use them, then check out the GPS Info tab.

  • You can map GPS waypoints and tracks without having a GPS receiver. So if you want check out GPS tours and trails and map the routes on GoogleEarth, then check out the Mapping tab.

  • Another crucial factor for a successful adventure is choosing the right GPS receiver. What is out there can be very confusing, but your final decision can leave you with the right receiver for your tour or something that may be not live up to your expectations. The GPS Reviews tab contains reviews of the most popular receivers for bicycling, mountain biking and hiking. I add more reviews for other units when readers request them or as I become familiar with them.

  • The Tours/Trails tab contains the GPS trail information that I have collected. All the files are in .gpx format so that you can download them to your computer. From there you can display the trail on your GPS receiver and on Google Maps, which you can download free if you don't have it.

  • The Upload tab contains all the information that you will need to upload GPS data to this site.

I hope that you enjoy the effort that I have presented here. So please download the files, upload your trips, and revisit over and over again. And by the way, contact me with your comments, suggestions, and your thoughts about your adventures.

Take care and don't stop exploring...