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I have set the file upload limit to 1 MB per file, but you can upload as many files as you like. Only one file per each upload form. You can repeat the submission of the upload form for as many files as you want to submit.

Accepted file types include any GPS or Google Earth (.kml or .kmz) file extension and document files (e.g. .doc, rtf, rtfd and odt). I will also allow picture files (e.g. jpg, jpeg, tiff, gif, png and others) if you would like to send some pictures of your adventure. If I get enough pictures, I will have a page to show them to my visitors.

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  Info: please enter brief location of trail/tour, country, region, nearest city, type of trail (mnt, road, hiking), terrain features, points of interest, and anything else valuable to rider/hiker. If you have a web site address, then please include the url.

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